Free Guide: "The Designer's Cheat Sheet"


Want to design your room on your own?  Here's How to Create a Fabulous Interior that Looks and Feels Perfectly You!


When it comes to interior design, you know the single most common thing I hear?

“I have no idea where the heck to start!”

And that’s totally understandable. Because the actual step-by-step process of creating a stunning space isn’t quite as simple as it looks on TV.  It isn’t just researching beautiful designs on Pinterest or Instagram and then finding pieces that match in local stores. Although that is certainly a solid step…when the time is right.

Most people, when they really get serious about creating a perfect room, end up skipping important steps… or worse, taking steps out of order.

The unfortunate result is design chaos!

So to clear up the confusion and help you create your dream design as easily and quickly as possible, this design “cheat sheet” was born.  Each step is in perfect order and each step is designed to build on the previous one. Simply start at the start, and work methodically to the last step.

With that said, let’s get to work. Grab a pencil and a cup of tea, and put on your creative cap…

And let’s have some fun together!