Is It Timeless or Trendy?


A friend recently said to me, “Kristen: I really like the rose gold look, but I worry that it’s trendy and will soon appear dated.  How do I know?”

It’s easy to spot trends -- you see them in magazines, in social media posts, in stores, and all over HGTV. What’s harder is determining which of those trends will stand the test of time, and which will be a flash in the pan.

Here are a couple of tips to help you decide whether something is timeless or trendy, and whether or not that particular trend is for you.

1.    Is it functional.  Nothing can be timeless if it does not serve you functionally over the course of time.  Examples: Marble countertops are gorgeous, but if you’re a gourmet cook, the acids in your ingredients will eat right through the material over time.  Love the boho look of Boujad rugs?  Me, too, but my two dogs tore mine up in a matter of a few weeks.  If it doesn’t last, it’s not timeless – literally!

The ill-fated Boujad rug by  Loom + Kiln

The ill-fated Boujad rug by Loom + Kiln

2.    Is it adaptable. If your trend meets your functional needs, the next question to ask yourself is if it can evolve with your style. White walls are a huge trend in the design world right now. Do white walls work in a multitude of aesthetic environments?  Yes! You may get sick of that avocado green sofa (trendy), but white walls allow for versatility.

3.    The last thing to consider is simplicity. Typically, the simpler the design, the more likely it is to remain timeless. Think about subway tiles.  Yes, they may be a little predictable, but they’ve stood the test of time because a) they’re functional b) they’re adaptable and yes, c) they’re simple!

Now, I’m not trying to rain on your trend parade (or my friend who asked the question).  I love incorporating trends into the spaces I design. However, I try to do so 1) sparingly and 2) inexpensively. Love the rose gold finishes that seem to be everywhere (as seen above)?  Rather than installing a new kitchen faucet and fixtures, incorporate the trend in accessories – a teapot, a fruit bowl etc. Décor is also a great place to apply the latest design ideas! Digging the Justina Blakeney jewel toned sofa look? Me, too, but before committing the bucks, try a few throw pillows in the same vibrant hue and see if it satisfies.

My last bit of advice is this: ask yourself the hard question: Would I still love it if it wasn’t trendy? 

What trends are you dying to try?