Mastering the Skill of Pillow Mixing

Throw pillows are a simple and unique way to add some color and personality to your home or commercial space.  With the right colors, pattern and strategic placement, you can make a room stand out.  However, knowing the right colors and designs to choose for your home can be overwhelming.  With so many different ideas and design strategies out there, it can seem next to impossible to find the right pillows for your home.  Have no fear!  With these tips and tricks, you can become a master when it comes to understanding throw pillow mixes. 

1 Pattern and 1 Solid

This is one of the most simple throw pillow mixes.  You can choose pillows with simple pairing colors for a nice and simple look, or even take two colors like blue and orange for a nice pop on a white or cream couch.  Choosing this strategy also gives you the opportunity to be unique with pattern choices because it will not clash with the solid pillow.  With this simple technique, you have the ability to experiment a little more when it comes to your throw pillow choices.

1 Large Pattern, 1 Small Print and 1 Solid

Varying the size of your pillows can really add some dimension to your furniture.  By using a large bold pattern like floral, a smaller print pillow with stripes or polka dots and a solid colored pillow, your furniture can look fresh and unique.  With the two different patterns mixed in with a solid color, you can add more texture and a personal style to your home.

Pick a Pattern Theme: Batik, Stripes and Geometrics

While mixing and matching different patterns can be fun, it might be a good idea to stick to one particular theme pattern to make your home come together.  If you like to experiment with different colors, a batik pillow style could be ideal for you.  Different colors can still work together because of a common dying technique, which gives you a lot of room to experiment with color.  A striped pattern design can be great when you’re looking to add a dash of color to your home without being overwhelming.  Geometric patterns are great if you are going for a polished and clean look in your home, meaning that you like a more cohesive pattern type. 

Choose Your Colors

Choosing a color for your pillows is one of the most difficult aspects of throw pillow mixing.  One technique you can use is to only choose colors that are within the same color palette.  By staying within the color palette guidelines you can know for sure that the colors you choosing will look good as a whole.  Paint stores are a great place to choose a color palette that seems to best fit your home and style.

The key to throw pillow mixing is to not overthink it.  By using these tips and going with what looks and feels right for you, you’re sure to have a great looking home.

If you're still intimidated, start with neutrals.  Below are several that would work together due to their subtlety.


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