I believe your interior should be a direct reflection of your tastes, your needs, and your style.  

It should look and feel "right" every time you walk in the room.  

To make sure that happens, it all starts with a "signature piece".  If you're a homeowner, this could be a pillow you love.  A piece of art from a special trip.  If you're a business owner, you might be looking to bring your brand to life so that your customers or clients get an understanding of who you are from the minute they walk through the door.  My main objective is to create a space that will give you a positive emotional "zing" every time you see it.

Whether you want to create a sleeping sanctuary, an office that’s ideal for maximum productivity, or an inviting wine bar (as seen above), I can help you transform your space. 

That's Interior Design Alchemy in action.



Interior Design Alchemy is a full-service design studio located in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in creative and highly personalized spaces for Modern and Contemporary homeowners and businesses. I will only work with a handful of clients at any given time to ensure an intimate and customized experience.


My mission is to view your space with fresh eyes, come up with a design plan that is quintessentially “you” and deliver a space that sparks joy every time you walk in the room.



“Kristen has changed the complete look and feel of my office in a way that feels so me. She has a way of finding pieces that I would never have thought of myself. I kept saying, ‘I would have never thought of that, but it works!’”

— Sara Dahlquist


SPARK OF AN IDEA...and Ends with A Beautiful TraNsformation That Feels Like Magic