The Design Process



Everything begins with a complimentary phone consultation to discover your needs and see if we are a match.  If we are, we'll schedule a tour of your space where we’ll find what in your home sparks joy.  

We all own something that authentically represents us, and we want to know what that is for you.

Take your living room, for instance:  What item could you not live without?  Oftentimes, it’s the piece of furniture or artwork that you came upon randomly: the lamp you happened upon while strolling past a garage sale that just screamed “you”, or the painting that was a gift which just so happens to perfectly fit in your house. 

In other words, we’ll help you start to look at your own space and decor in a different way. This is the genesis of the transformation.


After identifying what in your room is quintessentially “you”, we’ll use it as a base to build upon.

Next we will discuss your interior design goals and how I can make your space truly enjoyable and functional for you.

Here, I'll learn your tastes, color preferences and the character of your home. At the conclusion, I will recommend a preliminary design path, proposed level of involvement, and appropriate fee schedule. 


Next, I’ll enter the initial development phase and create a full-color, customized “look book” for you.  This book will allow us to agree upon the stylistic direction of the project.  It will take into account everything needed to complete your design: your personal tastes, your space, location, needs, function, and historical details.  I’ll blend trends with tradition to arrive at a “look book” that is perfectly “you”.

When I hear you say, “Wow, I would have never thought of's perfect!” ...I'll know my mission is accomplished.


Now the fun begins: designing your dream space.  My goal is to provide you with the best, most beautiful, functional, and creative space plan possible.

You'll get detailed furniture and lighting plans, drawings for discussions with suppliers, and images that will help you visualize your new space.

Think of me like your design detective, committed to overturning every rock and searching every nook and cranny in order to find that perfect fabric, piece of furniture or artwork that brings your dream to life.


Whether it’s detailing and styling, or full installation and site management, my goal is transforming your space and delivering your vision.  

And of course, the best part is saved for last: the “Ta Da!” stage, the "final reveal", where the curtain is pulled to deliver your dream space…

A Space that Feels Perfectly YOU

When you have a beautiful house but the interior isn't, it never quite feels like home.   But when your interior is crafted around how you want it to feel…magic happens

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